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Let's Show Them How You're Different.

"We have 1 goal. To bring the dream of professional streaming closer to reality through professional design and advice on how to build your personal brand!"

Our Story.

GETREKT Labs is a company born out of the creative passion of it's founders. Content creation has never been a more viable career, and we want to use our industry experience and formal training to bring a more professional approach to development of your brand. Whether this be through top tier design and animation services or marketing advice and education we're committed to giving content creators the direction and resources they need.

Our team first met at Belong Gaming Arenas, heading up their marketing team. With  an extensive background in brand building, creating experiences and a rare mixed skill set of graphic design, animation and illustration we can deliver a quality and consistency which is tough to beat.



Hi I'm Matt, the founder of GETREKT Labs!


Over the past decade I've worked in some of the world's biggest tech companies and some of it's most successful start ups.

I've been fortunate to have collected a variety of awards and professional qualifications in sales and marketing across multiple industries and most recently headed up the Marketing team at Belong Gaming Arenas!

I'm here to help you to build your brand through clean, professional design and marketing strategy!

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Hey! I’m Carl. Most people know me as Defract.

I'm a multi-disciplined designer and marketer with over 10 years experience working in the games industry.

My career has afforded me the opportunity to work directly with some of gaming's biggest names including EA, Microsoft, Activision and Ubisoft as well as established content creators from around the world.

I'm here to bring your ideas to life through a professional and creative approach to design and illustration.

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Hi I’m Gabe, a Brand Scientist at GETREKT Labs.


I have been designing in the digital industry for over 5 years now.


My diverse background in architecture and design has led me to working with some great brands including; GAME, Jagex, Save the Children, Shredify and more.


My experience with illustration, animation and merchandising will help you build a unique and exciting brand!

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Hey! I'm Steve, or you may know me as EtsKi. I have been breaking and fixing computers and electronics since I was 8 years old.


Graphic and Motion design has been a hobby of mine for around 14 years now, and I have done it as a side job on top of being a travel photographer, chef, and music promoter.


My skills in tech, design, and coding will help bring the final pieces of your vision together, without all the stress of having to learn the complicated tech stuff.

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Hi I'm Scott, one of the Brand Scientists at GETREKT Labs.


I have been designing professionally for over 10 years, however it has been a hobby of mine for nearly all my life!


I am highly motivated and always striving to push myself and my design, with a great knowledge of many different techniques across all creative mediums.


With past careers in corporate design and a First Class Honours in Graphic Design, I can help hone your brand into a professional, cohesive identity that you can be proud of!

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Emma Churchill.


Hey hey! I’m Emma, otherwise known as JustCallMeCatch. I’ve been in the events industry for 5 years now and have overseen a variety of events all over the country.


I have been involved with gaming events for charity since 2016, bringing together my love for events and my passion for gaming and the gaming industry.


I’m here to provide efficient and friendly client communication, and fantastic networking and growth opportunities through marketing, partnership opportunities, and organised events.

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Ready to Start Your Project?

We want starting a project with us to be a simple process, that's why we created a bespoke solution to allow you to order what you want when you need it. Whether it's a base package for your new stream or taking it to the next level with 3D animation. We'd love to hear your ideas. Every day is different in the Lab and that's thanks to your amazing imaginations.