EGX: Which New Games Should you Stream?

Hands on with Marvel's Avengers and Modern Warfare, and why Cyber Punk might just be the perfect title to stream next year.

EGX is the UK's biggest gaming showcase featuring the world's best know developers and publishers, minus a few notable absences including Bungie. It's the best place for UK gamers to get their hands on new titles and bend the ears of travelling developers showing of their WIPs prior to release.

Our aim was to take a look at the featured titles and really think about which games are most attractive from a content creators perspective so here are our picks of the show!


Modern Warfare is widely regarded as a return to form for the COD series. Reintroducing a campaign of significant scale to bring back the solo adventurers (who didn't appreciate the previous PVP focus) and stripping back the PVP to what feels like the closest experience to Modern Warfare 2 reproduced yet, with pure boots on the ground gameplay. The fast paced and strategic focus as well as fantastic sound and visual design mean the latest version of COD will very much have the eyes of the community on it and expect to see it topping the directory as viewers flock to see if it lives up to the hype.


Call of Duty's legacy on Twitch means if you're not already established in the community it's going to be tough to drag viewers away from the big names who are no doubt going to be returning. PVP will be the key to longevity as with the majority of competitive FPS games, so focus on your skills and providing advice for new players who will be looking to get up to speed quickly. Be a live guide for aspiring COD pros with things like map knowledge, weapon choices and gameplay intricacies and you'll separate yourselves from the pack. It will be a long slog building a community in such a competitive directory but there are no doubts that COD has one of the highest ceilings so will be worth your focus and patience!

Release Date 25th October 2019


Still in a pre Alpha build, we got 25 minutes of hands on time with the opening mission of Square Enix' latest venture and we were more than pleasantly surprised.

The combat feels satisfying and the range of hero specific abilities was impressive and made sure each encounter featured some randomised variability. The spectacular set pieces and cinematics are certainly what you would expect from a game based on the Avengers Universe, and the character interaction made it a believable interactive movie-like experience. The world feels big although somewhat linear in the little time that we played but we expect that the "on rails" opening tutorial mission will lead to much more opportunities to explore as your characters develop their skills.

Our personal favourites were Thor and Hulk's melee focused play styles which were varied and rewarding to learn with combos and finishers to pick up along the way (we particularly enjoyed picking up some of the smaller henchmen and yeeting them at their unsuspecting colleagues. Amusing to say the least). The only let down at this stage in the build was the shooting mechanics we experienced with Iron Man and Widow which we expect will be ironed out (pun intended) over the next few months before release.


Until we see the opportunities with build complexity and endgame (activities not the movie) it's hard to say whether this game will have the longevity that makes it worth adding to your game rotation. If the opening mission is anything to go by then expect a fast paced and entertaining journey for you and your viewers which you can enjoy together but outside of that the jury is currently out! Keep an eye out for news on new characters being added and how customisation and skill trees will contribute to your experience over the coming months.

Release Date 15th May 2020


So where do we start with Kojima's latest masterpiece? This game has been confusing gamers for over 12 months with an extended teaser campaign, a baby in a bottle and snippets of off the wall story telling. Sadly the EGX presentation amounted to a YouTube video with a voice over leaving a somewhat underwhelming impression for the audience who had waited hours in some cases to get eyes on some exclusive content although we did have the benefit of having Kojima's commentary over the portion of gameplay we were shown.

Unique is certainly the correct word to use when talking about Death Stranding and it is very likely to split camps. Focused on an engaging solo experience with a very clever tie in with other players in the universe (with the like system, gear dropping and support actions built into some of the wilder boss fights) it might be a tough sell to content creators who will find it difficult to maintain interest with the slow and methodical gameplay. Actions are extremely detailed and the world interactive (to the point where playing a harmonica to BB, your dimension shredding baby buddy becomes a core part of your experience) which means it will be rewarding and surprising for the player but difficult to keep up with as a viewer if you're going along for the ride.

The environments although massive and impressive in scale feel drab and unexciting so if you're looking to attract viewers with a welcoming and vibrant world you may have a challenge. We hope to see more variety in the fully released game which we're looking forwards to getting hands on with and exploring some of the deep character arcs which will we have no doubt be one of the highlights of the game.


As we discussed it will be a tough sell for your viewers. It's likely to bring initial interest as your audience will want to see what this game is all about, however we fear the viewing experience may be lacking compared to the immersive single player world Death Stranding is built upon. Certainly test a play through with your audience and gauge their reactions, but they'll likely be looking forward to you getting back to your core titles which are likely to have more relevant longevity from a content creation perspective. For those that do persist with viewers prepared to sink significant hours into your stream, we have no doubts it'll be a wild ride!

Release Date 8th November 2019


CD Projekt Red's live presentation was without a doubt the highlight of the show for us. Featuring live narration from one of the extremely talented world designers plus live gameplay we took a nose dive into a mission mid way through the campaign and got a glimpse at some of the customisation and build options that will be available to use on release. The 2 character builds we took a look at featured one which was based almost entirely on hacking abilities, taking advantage of the plethora of interactive systems scattered throughout the world, and the other was a melee combat focused build using mainly physical combat skills which included ripping a turret off it's mount to take down the local offenders.

The world truly is epic in scale with clear inspirations from games like GTA. The voice acting is credible and the variety of ways to play the game diverse meaning every play through has the opportunity to impact your experience in a different way. Every choice you make will dictate the way the world unfolds in front of you and even within that your character back story adds even more wrinkles to the choices you are able to make and the voice lines you can choose from when interacting with the NPCs of this beautifully crafted world.

All in all it looks like a rewarding experience for the player with massive opportunities for the viewer to get involved with your play through which makes Cyber Punk our pick of the show for content creators.


Yes. Not only is Cyberpunk 2077 one of the most hotly anticipated titles for 2020, it has a massively engaging and interesting world, huge variety in build customisation and the ability to craft a unique experience for your viewers is limitless. Take advantage of the choice mechanics within your stream to allow your viewers to direct your story with you and you'll have a blast playing Cyberpunk together with your community in a way not many single player titles can achieve.

Release Date 16th April 2020

EGX continues to be the premier gaming event in the UK and it was a privilege to spend some time with the great minds behind some of the biggest titles coming to your screens. Marvel's Avengers and Cyberpunk 2077 were our show winners with Death Stranding falling short in the factors content creators should be considering in their gaming choices. Let's hope the full game unearth's some yet to be shown genius that will drive new viewers to your channels in meaningful ways that are hard to see on the surface.

Our next show will be Twitch London in November so make sure you come and find us to discuss the future of your channel!

See you soon.

Matt (AN00BIS) Director and Lead Designer.

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