Introducing: The Forge

An exciting new opportunity for content creators and our partners!

Our newest event series will bring together content creators and our partners in a more intimate setting, allowing direct access to some of the well know brands within the gaming and content creation industries.

The Forge is a Discord based event that will coincide with The Reactor. It is a chance to learn from businesses within the industry regarding their offerings, and to find out the steps needed to work with them directly. The Forge is exactly what it sounds like, a fantastic opportunity for both sides to forge new professional relationships.

The first instalment of The Forge will take place on the 17th of June 2021 within the GETREKT Labs discord, and will feature Davey (Global Community & Influencer Marketing Manager) from Deep Silver - who joined us for Episode 4 of The Reactor at the start of May.

During the hour long event, Davey will explain what Deep Silver has to offer in terms of partnerships, whilst diving into the Deep Silver Creator Collective. The DSCC is their newly launched creator programme and offers content creators large and small the ability to produce content around the great games published by Deep Silver, and is a fantastic chance to build your relationship with Deep Silver, whilst getting the opportunity to experience a wealth of great programme perks.

Davey's experience in the industry and influencer worlds mean that the information he will share is invaluable to all content creators who want expertise on how to navigate the networking and sponsorship worlds that go hand in head with streaming and video production. During The Reactor, Davey explained how essential marketing for content creators is, and his presence has allowed us to create a list of agencies that are a good choice to get in touch with, this will also be discussed during The Forge!

Event timeline

19:45 - Guests will assemble into exclusive The Forge discord channel

20:00 - Event will begin

20:00 - Introductory remarks

20:05 - Presentation by Deep Silver.

20:35 - Questions from the floor

20:50 - Prize winners

20:55 - Closing remarks

Questions will be recorded by moderators through out the duration.

Video and voice are optional - guests will remain muted during the presentation.

All attendees will be entered into a draw to win the following:

  • A £100.00 (GBP) gift card for GETREKT Labs services

  • Deep Silver game codes for XB Series X/S and PS5

Attendees will also be provided with a form link to enter their details into our database for further contact with our partners. This is an exciting next step for those wishing to develop relationships and partnerships with our partners.

The Forge is an exclusive event to our Discord, access is available to new and existing clients and customers of GETREKT Labs.

If you are a past or future client using our services, and you do not currently have access to the GETREKT Labs Discord - please DM the @getrektlabs Twitter account or send an email to

We're really excited to bring this opportunity directly to our content creators!

17th of June at 19:45 in the GETREKT Labs Discord.

See you there!




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