GETREKT™ Labs Design Journal - Coming Soon!

GETREKT ™ Labs is the new creative home for all of your branding needs as a content creator. From logo and a brand guidance to get your started, right through to 3D animation for your streams and content, we offer a full service in one place. Your search for an all in one solution stops here!

What will we be talking about?

GETREKT ™ Labs is a new venture, and we'll be taking you on the journey with us as we grow our ambitious marketing platform. Free logo makers, templates and stock footage are a great starting point, but as your channel grows you need a way to stand apart from the crowd. We'll help to show people how you're different.

As well as offering a complete design studio we'll also be expanding into a range of services including content plan advice, channel reviews using an all new grading system plus giving you the tools you need to attract sponsors and access revenue that you might not have previously considered!

Our mission is to bring premium level marketing solutions to content creators who we feel are drastically under served and help to educate you on how to grow your channels, what you should be looking for in the numbers and most importantly how we can increase them and engage more fans with your brand!

How can I get notified?

We aim to post one article per week once the blog fully launches, and will be speaking to you on Twitter @getrektlabs about which topics are most important to you. We want to take you through our design projects and thinking, but we also want to make sure we're covering any gaps in knowledge you might have to give you the best chance to succeed on Twitch or Mixer in what is an increasingly competitive environment!

To get notified when our articles go live, make sure you sign up to GETREKT ™ Labs which you can do through the footer on our home page. Never miss out when our insight goes live and of course make sure you ask any questions that cross your mind in the process! We want to know what's on your mind and how we can best be of service to the gaming and content creating communities.

In the meantime make sure you follow us over on Twitter @getrektlabs, and check out our portfolio of recent work!

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