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Since the founding of GETREKT over 2 years ago, we have served over 400 content creators from a wide range of backgrounds. These vary from those just starting out, to some of the largest names in content creation. Our ordering system has improved and developed consistently, leading to a smooth request process via our website or social media.

For our new and returning clients, we thought it would be beneficial to take you through the ordering process to help make working with GETREKT Labs a smooth and enjoyable process.

Initial contact: questions, answers and where to go.

So you have seen one of our demos, or spotted something we've made in a stream , or you need an upgrade from your existing branding - where do you go to find out more?

Social Media: @getrektlabs

A social media profiles will not only showcase our latest work, host our recent streams, and also promote content, they are also links to speak with the team.

To discuss with a member of the team, we can be contacted via our GETREKT Labs Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts. Messages through these platforms will be answered within working hours, and can be used as a discussion and enquiry service.

For enquiries:

Twitter Facebook Instagram

Video content: TikTok Twitch YouTube


Much the same as our social media, this email address can be used to ask questions, place orders and more.

The Website:

The GETREKT Labs website has several sections but specifically to graphic and merchandise based orders we have the ORDER and PORTFOLIO pages. These can be navigated to using the top bar. We also have a LIVE Let's Chat box that will be answered by the team within working hours.

Portfolios :

This is the best collection of visual representations of our work that you will find! The majority of our 400+ projects can be found here, and collectively they will showcase all the items we have on offer.

We recommend that if you are still deciding on the aspects of your order, to have a look through the portfolio and make notes of the ones you enjoy as references for when you are booking.

Order :

Upon arriving on the ORDER page, you will greeted with a host of options, including packages.

At this point we recommend you do the following:

  • If you are visiting to investigate which individual items we offer and their pricing for a future order, please click the PRICE LIST button at the top of the ORDERS page.

  • If you are planning to place order, we recommend reading through the packages and assess if any contain the items you are looking for.

  • If the packages do not suit your needs, navigate to the top of the page and click BUILD NOW, alternatively you can use the BESPOKE order package button. These options will allow you to create a fully tailor made order that is specific to your needs.

The package selection, build your own, and bespoke options will be sent as orders to the GETREKT Labs team upon completion.

Brand Consultations

As one of our bespoke order products, we offer Brand Consultations with our designers. These start at a cost of £50 for 30 minutes.

The consultation is with one of our designers and you will be able to discuss your thoughts and ideas to jointly decide on the right package or bespoke order for you.

These can be booked via our website as a bespoke order, through direct message on social media, or by email.

Order Placed

Once your order has been placed, the team will reach out to discuss dates and payment. You may be asked for details regarding your brief or overview of how you want the project to look. This is likely to be asked if you have not had a Brand Consultation.

To place your order, the team will need

  • Your active social media and channel links

  • A rough brief/description of the themes and specifics you wish your assets to have. This will be expanded on at the start of your project.

  • Your PayPal email

Prices are available in £GBP and $USD. A deposit will be required to book your order, and no dates will be held until this deposit is fulfilled.

Once your order has confirmed, and your start date is agreed - that's it! The team will be available for questions or any issues leading up to your project date, and will be in touch again shortly before. Whilst your project is in progress, your assigned designer will keep in contact with you to discuss the work.

The Design Sprints Process

Due to the nature of the world of content creation, every project can be vastly different from the last, that's why we work in design sprints. Once we agree your start date, our aim with each project (depending on the scope) is to deliver your project within 4 weeks. We do this by blocking out dedicated time in our calendar to work on your project in isolation where possible.

The result is that you get a much more accurate start and finish date, but you also get our undivided attention for the duration of your project.

Our only goal is to get a great result for you, which is why we pride ourselves on our communication and professionalism. You'll be working with your design team directly via our private Discord channels, and we offer you the chance to be as involved in the process as you would like to be.

We hope this helps guide you through our ordering process.

We're looking forward to hearing from you soon!


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