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Every great brand, starts with a great logo. It is the starting point, the initial pictorial, the element that will tie your name to a recognisable design.

Think about how many logos you recognise upon sight? The golden arches, the crown placed upon a burger, a white apple - all need no name and limited description to trigger that association in your mind.

"Design is the silent ambassador of your brand" - Paul Rand

At GETREKT Labs we offer several different types of logo, our standard pricing lists 2D, 3D, Mascot and Illustrated. Below you will see examples of our most popular requests, all of which can fall under the 2D or 3D bracket. Mascot will also be show. Illustrated is listed on our pricing, but is a less common request - illustrated just means it is usually a very intricate drawing that requires our illustrator artist to complete.


Monogram logos can be 2D or 3D, and colour or grayscale. These can also be referred to as standard 2D logos.

Wordmark logos are known as this because they are usually a graphical representation of the creators name or business.

Mascot logos are usually full colour, bold and bright! Many are animals, but the examples above show you can branch out and still keep the overall mascot aesthetic.

3D logos are hugely popular, especially when you factor in other 3D elements. We would strongly suggest choosing a 3D logo if you are wanting other 3D aspects such as alerts, intros and overlays. 3D logos are simply logos with depth, width and height.

Many more examples can be found in our 400+ projects on our Portfolio page.

We hope this article has been helpful in showing the differences between logos! Many of these have 2D and 3D versions, we just need your ideas and we take it from there. All the logos pictured above are work that we have created for our clients, you may recognise some of them!

To view our packages and prices for logos visit our Orders page.


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