The Creator Grant (March 2021)

Whether it’s GO LIVE, publish, or upload video, apprehension and excitement exist in the same moment before you press that button. It remains this way whether it is day one or day 500 of your content creation career, each day brings a new atmosphere, new memories, and new challenges.

But who guides you through these challenges?

The Reactor was born from the idea that knowledge and education for Content Creators should be accessible and available, and that the support should be there to progress you onto the next steps of your Content Creation career.

And now, with the assistance of our sponsors, we are able to further support you on that journey.

Introducing - The Creator Grant

Every 5 weeks* GETREKT Labs, along with, Evolve PCs and Gamer Advantage, are able to offer one deserving applicant a Content Creator grant up to the value of $550USD to be used to support their advancement in the content creator world.

This is broken down as follows:

  • One piece of hardware or software to the value of $250 provided by GETREKT Labs

  • $100 store credit provided by

  • $100 store credit provided by Evolve PCs

  • $100 store credit provided by Gamer Advantage

Have you been streaming and need a headset for better quality audio? Are you a YouTuber with a robust schedule and need a camera upgrade? Or a partnered content creator who wishes they had a desk to fit their set-up?

To apply you will need to put in a formal request using the link to the Creator Grant application below. You will need to tell us a little about you, your content, and what support you would like to request! In order to qualify for the grant you must be following GETREKT Labs and our sponsors to ensure we are able to contact you. You will also be required to submit your email for our mailing list so we are able to update you on the selection process and future grant opportunities.

As part of the Creator Grant, you will also have the chance to connect with our sponsors to work on future projects and opportunities**

The Creator Grant application form can be found here

CLOSING DATE 23:59(GMT) 18th March 2021. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age.

The winner of this round of applications will be announced during the LIVE stream of The Reactor on the 25th of March, so make sure you tune in to see the big announcement! Guest reveals coming soon. – and turn notifications ON.

For more information on The Reactor and our sponsors, visit

We’ll see you there!




Terms and Conditions apply, see here

To view our privacy policy, see here

*subject to change without notice

**subject to successful initial interview with the relevant sponsor(s)

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